Whiteparish Ward

Salisbury District Hospital


Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust 




18 Weeks


About the Project

The Whiteparish Ward refurbishment project at Salisbury District Hospital was aimed at modernising and enhancing the facilities. The scope of work included a comprehensive refurbishment of a 22-bed ward, featuring a wide range of improvements and installations.

Ventilation System Upgrade: The existing ventilation system was stripped out and replaced with a state-of-the-art system. This included the installation of a new Air Handling Unit (AHU) and Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), ensuring optimal air quality and temperature control. Supply and extract were meticulously designed to cover all areas of the ward.

New Heating System: A modern heating system was installed to provide a comfortable and controlled environment for patients and staff.

En-Suites and Shower Rooms: Two new en-suites were added to 5-bed wards, improving patient privacy and convenience. Additionally, the side room en-suite was refurbished, and two new shower rooms were constructed.

Medical Trunking: To support the medical needs of patients, new medical trunking was added to all beds, ensuring easy access to essential equipment and patient monitoring.

Lighting: The ward was fitted with dimmable lighting, providing a pleasant and adjustable ambience for patients.

Nurse Call System: A modern wired nurse call system was integrated to enhance patient care and response times.

Electrical Distribution Boards: New electrical distribution boards were installed to accommodate the increased electrical load.

Fire Alarm Detection: The project included the installation of a comprehensive fire alarm detection system to ensure patient and staff safety.

New Utility Rooms: These rooms were designed and constructed to meet strict hygiene standards, supporting efficient and organized hospital operations.

Reception Desk and Clinic Room: A welcoming new reception desk was established, along with a dedicated clinic room for medical consultations.

Reception Desk and Clinic Room: A welcoming new reception desk was established, along with a dedicated clinic room for medical consultations.

Ward Kitchen: The ward’s kitchen facilities were modernised to facilitate meal preparation and service to patients and staff.

Medical Gas AVSU: At the ward entrance, a new Medical Gas Automatic Vacuum Suction Unit (AVSU) was installed, ensuring quick access to essential medical gases.

Wall and Door Protection: Throughout the ward, wall and door protection was added to minimise wear and tear, extending the longevity of the facilities.

Flooring and Ceilings: The project included the installation of new vinyl flooring and replacement ceilings to enhance aesthetics and maintain a clean and efficient environment.

Window Refurbishment: All windows were refurbished to improve insulation and aesthetics.

Bed Bay Curtain Track and Window Blinds: For patient privacy and comfort, new bed bay curtain tracks and window blinds were installed.

IPS Units: Integrated Plumbing System (IPS) units were installed throughout the ward, ensuring efficient water services.

Challenges Overcome:

The project faced various challenges, including working within an active hospital environment, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing patient care, and coordinating a wide range of specialised trades and suppliers. To address these challenges, a rigorous schedule and a focus on communication and collaboration were critical to the project’s success.


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