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How it Started

In the midst of the unprecedented times and uncertainty that swept the world during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, a powerful symbol of hope emerged from an unexpected source – renowned street artist Banksy. His iconic canvas, “Game Changer,” was found hanging on the wall at University Hospital Southampton.

On 6 May 2020, the staff at University Hospital Southampton were greeted with a surprising sight, an incredible gift. Banksy’s “Game Changer,” a tribute to healthcare workers, appeared overnight on a corridor wall within the hospital. The artwork depicted a young boy playing with a nurse superhero toy, casting his Batman and Spider-Man figurines aside. This simple yet profound portrayal captured the essence of the moment – the heroic healthcare workers who had become the true superheroes of the world.

News of Banksy’s “Game Changer” spread like wildfire, offering a glimmer of positivity. Social media platforms buzzed with admiration as people marvelled at the artist’s ability to capture the collective sentiment of the world. As the UK united in applause from doorsteps to honour healthcare workers during the first global lockdown, the artwork symbolised a shared sentiment of gratitude and support.

Banksy’s gift to the hospital was always intended to be sold, which took place at Christie’s on March 23rd 2021. “Game Changer” was sold for £16,758,000

The proceeds from the auction were directed towards health organisations and charities across the UK that played a crucial role in enhancing the care and treatment provided by the National Health Service

As “Game Changer” moved from hospital corridors, a reproduction of the artwork was thoughtfully placed within University Hospital Southampton. This reproduction ensured that future patients, visitors, and staff could forever draw inspiration from its message of resilience, sacrifice, and unity.


The Project

We recently completed a significant refurbishment project at The University Hospital Southampton to improve the quality and functionality of 40 staff rooms across various locations within the hospital.​

The project was undertaken in a live environment,  so ensuring minimal impact on the daily operations and well-being of the healthcare facility was paramount.​  The project was executed in two distinct phases, with each phase allocated 20 staff rooms in a strict timeframe of seven weeks to ensure minimal disruption to staff and patients. ​

The following key activities were undertaken:

Isolation of Electrics and Mechanical Systems: The project commenced with the careful isolation of electrical and mechanical systems to ensure the safety of workers and the hospital environment.

Fixture and Fitting Removal: Existing fixtures and fittings were systematically removed from each room to create a blank canvas for the refurbishment work.

Floor Covering Removal: The old floor coverings were removed to prepare the surface for the installation of new flooring materials.

Internal Fit-Out: The internal fit-out phase involved various tasks, such as installing latex floors, laying new floor coverings, and creating a comfortable and functional environment.

Kitchenette Installation: Kitchenette base and wall units were installed to facilitate the provision of basic amenities within each staff room.

Worktop Templating and Installation: Worktops were templated and subsequently installed to ensure a smooth and efficient workspace for hospital staff.

Electrical and Mechanical First Fix: The first fix phase involved the installation of preliminary electrical and mechanical components to provide the necessary infrastructure for later stages.

Electrical and Mechanical Second Fix: Second fix activities encompassed finalizing electrical and mechanical installations, including the installation of Low Surface Temperature Radiators (LST Rads).

Shelf, Coat Hook, and Wall Cladding Installation: Practical elements, such as shelves and coat hooks, were installed to enhance the usability of the staff rooms. Wall cladding and splashbacks were also installed to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

Wall Preparation and Decoration: Walls were prepared and decorated, adding a visually appealing and pleasant ambience to the staff rooms.

Worktop and Basin Installation: Worktops and basins with taps were meticulously installed to complete the kitchenette area.

Roller Blind Installation: Roller blinds were installed to provide control over natural light and privacy.

The revitalised spaces now offer improved functionality, aesthetics, and comfort for hospital staff, contributing to an enhanced working environment that aligns with the hospital’s commitment to providing quality healthcare services. This project exemplifies the positive impact that well-executed refurbishments can have on healthcare facilities.


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