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About the Project

Our objective was to transform the existing Male WC facilities to improve functionality, aesthetics, and hygiene at University Hospital Southampton.

This project involved several key tasks, including isolating services, removing existing installations, making structural modifications, and implementing new fixtures and finishes. The following sections outline the project’s scope and actions to achieve the desired outcome.

 Isolation of Services: Before commencing any refurbishment activities, all relevant services were effectively isolated. This included shutting off electrical connections, water supply, and any other utilities that might have interfered with the construction process. Ensuring other hospital areas’ safety and uninterrupted functioning was a top priority throughout the project.

 Removal of Existing Installations: The next phase involved removing outdated and worn-out installations, such as fixtures, fittings, and equipment. This encompassed carefully dismantling and disposing of old sanitaryware, cubicles, tiles, and flooring materials. All removals followed proper waste management protocols, adhering to environmental regulations.

 Tile Removal and Wall Preparation: To facilitate the installation of new materials, the existing tiles were systematically taken off the walls. Special care was taken to avoid any damage to the underlying structure. Subsequently, the walls were thoroughly prepared to ensure a smooth and even surface for applying new finishes.

 Cladding Walls with uPVC (White Rock): As part of the refurbishment, all walls were clad with uPVC cladding, specifically White Rock. This durable and hygienic material was chosen for its resistance to moisture, easy maintenance, and clean appearance. The cladding was expertly installed, providing a seamless and attractive surface throughout the renovated area.

 Installation of New Vinyl Flooring: The outdated flooring was replaced with new vinyl flooring, carefully selected for its durability, slip resistance, and ease of cleaning. The installation process involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a level and flawless finish. The new flooring enhances the visual appeal and improves the overall hygiene standards.

Alteration of Drainage: To accommodate the new layout, drainage systems were modified accordingly. Skilled plumbers and technicians reconfigured the drainage network to integrate with the updated sanitaryware placement seamlessly. This alteration was essential to ensure proper functionality and compliance with building codes and regulations.

 New Cubicle and Sanitaryware Installations: A new cubicle was installed along the back window wall, optimizing space utilization and privacy for users. A concealed WC system on an IPS (Integrated Plumbing System) panel was also supplied and fitted, providing a modern and space-saving solution. A surface-mounted single urinal was also installed to meet the facility’s requirements.

 Upgraded Fixtures and Supplies: Several fixtures were upgraded throughout the refurbished area. The hand dryer was removed and replaced with more efficient alternatives, improving user experience and reducing energy consumption. The radiator was renewed, and a new valve was installed to enhance temperature control. Further down the long wall, a slimmer wall-hung basin was supplied and fitted, ensuring functionality without compromising space.

Alterations to Utility Supplies: All necessary alterations to utility supplies, such as water and electrical connections, were carried out to accommodate the new layout and fixtures. These modifications were performed in compliance with relevant building codes and regulations, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the renovated area.

 Ceiling Modification and Finishing: To conceal pipes and create a neater appearance, the ceiling level was lowered. This modification allowed for a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing finish. The dropped ceiling was then treated with two coats of emulsion paint, ensuring a uniform and visually appealing outcome.


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Project Photos


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