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The Royal Bath Hotel, located in Bournemouth, holds a significant place as one of the area’s most historic hotels. Since its grand opening in 1838, it has remained a beacon of elegance, and luxury hospitality. Positioned on the cliffside, commanding panoramic views of Bournemouth beach.

The Royal Bath Hotel Decking Replacement Project involved the removal and replacement of the existing decking structure. Prior to commencing the main decking replacement works, several preliminary items were necessary to facilitate a smooth construction process. These items included:

  • Access equipment: Scaffolding and ladders were provided to ensure safe access to elevated areas.
  • Plant costs: The rental and operation of construction machinery, such as excavators and concrete mixers, were accounted for.
  • Welfare facilities: Temporary on-site facilities, including toilets and rest areas, were set up for the welfare of the workers.
  • Security items: Measures such as temporary fencing and CCTV cameras were implemented to ensure the security of the site.
  • Site supervision: A qualified site supervisor was present throughout the project to oversee operations, coordinate resources, and ensure compliance with health and safety regulations.
  • Protection works: Protective measures were implemented to safeguard the existing structures and surrounding areas during the construction process.
  • Waste disposal: Arrangements were made for the proper disposal of construction waste in compliance with environmental regulations.

The main scope of work for the Royal Bath Hotel Decking Replacement Project involved the following activities:

  • Removal of Existing Decking: The existing decking boards, timber fascia, stair risers and treads, 3×2 timber supports, and decking lights were stripped off and disposed of. The Closeboard fencing panels and timber handrail were deemed to be in good condition and were not replaced.
  • Concrete Repair Spur Installation: A concrete repair spur was supplied and installed to support and fix in place an existing loose timber post on the West elevation stairs.
  • Additional Repairs/Strengthening: As required, additional repairs and strengthening works were carried out on the stairs.
  • Joist Protection and Installation: 3×2 treated timbers were supplied and installed with joist protection tape or damp proof course (DPC) to the existing 9×3 joists.
  • Decking Installation: Treated timber decking boards (32x144mm fin) were supplied and mechanically fixed using decking screws. This included the installation of new fascia, stair treads, and stair risers.
  • Deck Lighting: LED deck lights were supplied and recessed into the decking to provide enhanced aesthetics and safety.
  • Metal Handrail Support: Fixings to metal handrail support posts were replaced as necessary, with the assumption that the works could be carried out with the metal handrail in place. Damaged or cut fixings were replaced during the removal of the existing decking.
  • Ready for Decoration: The completed decking was left in a state ready for decoration by others, ensuring that no further major works were required.


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