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About the Project

This refurbishment project had a total of ten major tasks, which were successfully completed within the agreed time frame and budget. Here is a summary of each task and its outcome:

  • Removal of asbestos to ceilings, re-plaster: The removal of asbestos from the ceilings was carried out by a certified contractor, ensuring the safety of all workers on-site. The re-plastering of the ceilings was done to a high standard, resulting in a smooth finish.
  • Remove doorway from flat to office and remove cupboard: The doorway was removed, and the space was filled in to create a single, larger room. The removal of the cupboard created additional space, allowing for better organization and more efficient use of the area.
  • Move fuse board to communal hallway: The fuse board was relocated to the communal hallway, freeing up space in the Managers office and improving accessibility for maintenance purposes.
  • Install MF ceiling to Managers office: The installation of the MF ceiling to the Managers office was done to a high standard, and it helped to improve the sound insulation of the space.
  • Build new party wall to Managers office and sound test: The new party wall was constructed to a high standard, and a sound test was carried out to ensure that it met the required sound insulation standards.
  • Install all new electric heaters throughout: The installation of new electric heaters throughout the building was done professionally, resulting in an improvement in the energy efficiency of the space.
  • Renew bathroom, W/C: The renovation of the bathroom and W/C was carried out to a high standard, with new fixtures and fittings installed.
  • Full decoration: The full decoration of the Managers office and adjoining flat was done to a high standard, giving the space a modern and fresh look.
  • Install new kitchen to Managers office: The installation of the new kitchen was done professionally, with new appliances and fixtures installed to a high standard.
  • New carpet to office: The new carpet was installed professionally, providing a comfortable and modern flooring solution.

Overall, the renovation project was completed to a high standard, and all tasks were carried out professionally and efficiently. The finished space provides an improved environment for the occupants, with increased space, improved energy efficiency, and modern fixtures and fittings. I would like to thank the entire team involved in the project for their hard work and dedication in delivering a successful outcome.


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Project Photos


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