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About the Project

The successful completion of this project at Alton Community Hospital, where a ward that had been converted into office space was transformed back into a fully functional ward. The project involved various construction and renovation works, including installing new facilities, reconfiguring existing spaces, and addressing fire safety concerns.

The following works were undertaken:

New DDA Bathrooms: Installation of accessible bathrooms compliant with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements. These bathrooms were designed to accommodate the needs of patients with disabilities, providing enhanced accessibility and convenience.

Ward Configurations: The ward was reconfigured to include two three-bed wards and two five-bed wards. The layout was optimized to ensure efficient use of space and facilitate patient care and monitoring.

Single Bed Rooms: Five single-bed rooms were constructed to provide privacy and individualised care for specific patients requiring isolation or specialised treatment.

Kitchen Area: A small kitchen area was added to the ward to support the dietary needs of patients and provide a convenient space for staff to prepare meals.

Bedhead Units and Nurse Call: The existing bedhead units were replaced with new units equipped with advanced nurse call systems. This upgrade aimed to enhance patient safety and improve communication between patients and healthcare staff.


Window Replacement: All windows within the ward were replaced to improve energy efficiency, enhance natural lighting, and ensure optimal indoor environmental conditions.

Suspended Ceilings: During the project, it was identified that the suspended ceilings did not provide sufficient fire stopping between the new ward and the loft void. As a result, all suspended ceilings were replaced with more robust MF (Metal Frame) ceilings, which offer enhanced fire resistance and safety measures.

The successful completion of the project at Alton Community Hospital resulted in restored Functionality. The ward was transformed from an office space back into a fully operational healthcare facility, enabling the hospital to meet the growing demand for patient care services and enhancing the patient experience.


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