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The Merley First School Heating Replacement Project was undertaken during the 6-week summer holiday period with the aim of replacing the domestic services pipework, hot and cold water system, and performing ancillary works throughout the school.

The project involved the following key tasks:

Ceiling Removal and Replacement: To facilitate the replacement of pipework and to carry out necessary repairs and upgrades, certain sections of the ceilings had to be removed and subsequently replaced.

Asbestos Removal to Plant Room: As part of the health and safety measures, asbestos present in the plant room was safely removed and disposed of in compliance with all relevant regulations and guidelines. This critical task ensured the safety of all personnel involved in the project and the long-term wellbeing of the school occupants.

New Kitchen Areas: The project included the installation of new kitchen areas to enhance the school’s catering facilities. This upgrade aimed to improve the overall dining experience for the students and staff, as well as streamline the food preparation process.

 New Heating Valves: The existing heating valves were replaced with modern and efficient ones to optimise the heating system’s performance. This upgrade was expected to result in better temperature control and energy efficiency, thereby reducing the school’s operating costs.

Decorating Areas Worked In: As a part of the project’s completion, all areas affected by the works were given a fresh and aesthetically pleasing touch. This included repainting and necessary refurbishments to restore the affected areas to their pre-project condition.




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Project Photos


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