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About the Project

The extensive refurbishment project was to upgrade and modernise the Springbourne Ward at Kings Park Hospital, to create a comfortable and safe environment for patients and staff.

The project involved the following major tasks:

Isolate Electrics: Ensuring the safe disconnection of electrical systems within the ward to facilitate the refurbishment process.

Isolate Mechanical: Disconnection of mechanical systems to allow for necessary upgrades and installations.

Remove Fixtures and Fittings: Removal of existing fixtures and fittings to make way for new installations.

Remove Floor Coverings: Clearing old floor coverings to prepare for the installation of new flooring throughout the ward.

Internal Fit-Out: Comprehensive fit-out of the ward, including various installations and upgrades.

Latex Floors and Lay New Vinyl Floor Throughout: Application of latex to level the floor followed by the installation of new vinyl flooring throughout the ward.

Roof Repairs: Addressing any roofing issues and carrying out necessary repairs to ensure a watertight and secure environment.

Install Kitchenette Base & Wall Units: Installation of kitchenette base and wall units to provide staff and patients with essential facilities.

Installation of Worktops: Fitting durable worktops in the kitchenette area for practical use.

1st Fix Electrics: Initial electrical installations and wiring to support the forthcoming fit-out.

1st Fixes Mechanical: Preliminary mechanical installations in preparation for further work.

Complete New Data Installation: Setting up an efficient and robust data infrastructure to support the ward’s operations.

2nd Fix Electrics: Final electrical installations and connections for the completed areas.

2nd Fix Mechanical – LST Rads: Final installation of low-surface temperature radiators for improved safety and comfort.

Install Shelf & Coat Hooks: Fixing shelves and coat hooks for convenient storage solutions.

Install Wall Cladding & Splashback: Installing wall cladding and splashbacks for enhanced hygiene and aesthetics.

Prepare Walls: Properly preparing walls for painting and other finishes.

Decorations to Walls: Applying suitable decorations to create a soothing and welcoming atmosphere.

Install Basin and Taps: Installing basins and taps in patient and staff washrooms.

Install New Toilets: Replacement of old toilets with modern, efficient models.

Install Roller Blind: Installing roller blinds to control natural light and ensure privacy.

Throughout the project, various challenges were encountered, such as working within an active hospital environment while ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing patient care. We adopted a phased approach to the refurbishment, carefully coordinating with hospital management to plan disruptive activities during quieter periods and taking stringent measures to maintain a clean and safe working environment.


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Project Photos


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